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2019 Southern Automotive Quality Summit!

presented by AAMA & AIAG

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Talent Acquisition & Retention
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Emily Lauder
, Vice President of Administration, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi (Corolla Plant)
Talent is hard to find, and sometimes even harder to retain. Emily Lauder, Vice President of Administration for Toyota Mississippi, shared the challenges of finding, developing and retaining employees in the automotive industry and provide insight as to how Toyota engages employees from ALL parts of the organization to improve quality.

Quality Improvement Through Team Member Engagement
Mike Clark, General Manager of Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama (Engine Plant)
Continual improvement is critical to an organization's growth and development: if you're not getting better you're getting worse. Mike Clark, General Manager of Manufacturing/Engineering at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama, shared Toyota's approach to quality improvement - an approach using Team Member led activities and tools including Quality Circles and Jishuken.

Quality Improvement Through Problem Solving and People Development
Nic Loyd, Director, UAH CMER
Jeff Siniard, Lean Enterprise Research Scientist, UAH CMER
Problem solving is a skill that is practiced but never perfected. Nicholas Loyd and Jeff Siniard from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, examined quality improvements through people development and engagement using practical problem solving methods, demonstrated by real-world case studies from the automotive industry and beyond.

Traceability: Implementation and Application
Dave Welch, Sr. Quality Engineer, DENSO International America
Steven Hayes, Sr. Manager of Quality Engineering, DENSO International America
Product traceability is critical for controlling recall and warranty costs when quality non-conformances are discovered. Without traceability, thousands and thousands of vehicles may be unnecessarily recalled just to determine they are not affected by the non-conformance. Dave Welch, Sr. Quality Engineer and Steven Hayes, Sr. Manager of Quality Engineering, DENSO International America, outlined the implementation and application of traceability systems using client case studies.

Scott Gray, Director, Quality Products & Services, AIAG
Dave Dalby, Honda of America
As a response to increasing customer quality demands, AIAG and VDA have worked to completely rewrite their FMEA manual into one harmonized publication that includes updated tools to handle product and process optimization, product complexity, and increases in product liability. Scott Gray of AIAG provided a status update on this collaborative AIAG-VDA initiative.

Core Tools Software Project Update & Demo
John Cachat, Core Tools Software Project Manager, AIAG
AIAG provides the quality core tools forms to the industry and the next generation of core tools forms is here. John Cachat of AIAG demonstrated the AIAG Core Tools Software app, share volunteer contributions and ideas used during software design, and answered questions about how the CTS app might be used by your organization and/or your suppliers.

People Development and Toyota's "Built in Quality Commitment"
Amy Moffatt, Senior Manager of Operations Management Development Division, Toyota Motor North America
Each department of an organization plays their role affecting product and process quality. Amy Moffatt, Senior Manager of Operations Management Development Division (OMDD) at Toyota Motor North America, shared how Toyota's OMDD supports and leads improvement activities that also develop each Team Member's capability to lead improvement activities themselves, supporting Toyota's concept of "Built in Quality".